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      We are well-versed in all of the latest products that will make your home or business more energy-efficient. When you have one of our technicians service your home, you get more than just a service call, you get an evaluation on how to make your home or business more comfortable and efficient!
In Plano TX, Air Plus is your best place to start when you are looking for ways to lower your electric bill. We have built a very successful business upgrading homes in Metro Plano TX. Air Plus can turn any home into an energy efficient home you can be proud of. State Licensed and Insured. Serving Texans since 1986.

Air Plus offers a complete line of products and services designed to make your Plano home GREEN! We can start with a simple Air Conditioner Tune-up or a Home Energy Assessment or you can go all the way and put solar panels on the roof. Now you are making your own electricity!

At Air Plus - We do it all! We serve Plano and the neighboring suburbs.

Here is an idea of who we are:

Air Plus is the premier home energy solution in the Plano, Tx area.

We have always provided top notch service, repair, maintenance, design and installation of heating and air conditioning systems.

Whether you just want a Summer Check up, some cleaning, Freon or you are ready to upgrade to a better central heating and air conditioning system, there is no job too small or too big. We only sell the best brands with the best warranties. Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Amana and Goodman air conditioning products.

Air Plus is also the place to go for heater service and replacement. Don't be one of those who say "I don't even use my heater". It gets really cold in North Texas, especially Plano, so the gas furnace or heat pump in your home should be checked and serviced every year before you turn it on for the winter.

While the air conditioning system uses the most electricity, there is a lot more to look at when it comes to making your Plano home green.

There is attic insulation. In North Texas, you can never have enough! Do you hear that Plano?! Adding more attic insulation lowers your electric bills and it never wears out!

Radiant barrier is the latest thing. Invented by NASA, radiant barrier reflects the sun's rays away from your Plano home just like putting a cover over your roof. Hint: This should be done before you add attic insulation. In fact, all work in the attic should be done before you add attic insulation.

New Energy Efficient windows are the trophy look for any Plano home. They make your home look new again.

Air Plus Air Conditioning and a Whole Lot More! - Plano, Texas

We take a total home idea to making your home better than when it was built.

Thinking of buying a new air conditioning installation in Plano Tx? Maybe you are just needing immediate air conditioner service or air con repair. Air Plus is the premier air conditioner maintenance company, providing air conditioner cleaning and air conditioner tune up/check ups in North Plano Tx.

Winters in Plano Tx are colder than anyone is willing to admit! You cannot neglect your home heating system! Air Plus does the best new heating installation, heater service, gas furnace repair and heat pump maintenance you will find anywhere in Plano.

Fall is time to get a heating safety tune up/check up. Always get a Furnace Safety Inspection done "before" you start using it.

You can never have enough attic insulation in Plano Tx. Insulation never wears out and save money on utilities all year long.

Air Plus also get requests from Plano home owners for other type of attic upgrades such as plywood attic decking for additional storage, pull-down attic ladders, attic lighting and attic cleaning. We do that too!

Radiant barrier in Plano has gain a lot of fans. Radiant barrier reflects the hot Plano sun away from your home.

Plano homes are not built with nearly enough attic ventilation. Air Plus installs powered attic fans, solar attic fans, attic ventilators of all types, colors and sizes.

Need more air to a room? Some rooms wont cool? Air Plus Plano excels in professional air duct design and installation, air duct zone systems and all forms of air duct repair. Call Air Plus at 214-483-9600 for a Free Estimate.

If you really want to block out that hot Plano Tx heat consider new energy efficient windows. Air Plus does professional energy saving window installations all over Plano.

The holidays bring the sights and smells of winter. Let Air Plus add some beauty to your fireplace with a new gas log installation. Gas logs add beauty and value to any Plano home.

Plano Tx is the perfect place to consider solar power for your home and Federal Tax Credits on solar panels makes it even easier to afford a solar array. You will be making your own electricity.

Get started today! Call Air Plus and let our expertise work for you! 214-483-9600